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Budgie Talk


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The Care of a Budgie

Here is a page all about the care of budgies. From cages to feeding, this page says it all.

These budgies are bred by Allen. Arn't they nice?

these  are english budgies!

Before You Get your Budgie

What color budgie should I get?
The color doesn't matter unless you're breeding them and want a certain color. As long as its healthy choose the color of bird you like best.

How do I tell if its healthy?
Feathers are smooth and in place. Nose is not runny. Its eyes are bright and alert with no goop in them. The bird isn't cowering in the corner. If it is check on it a few minutes later, it could have been napping. The bird is active and alert. Its feet are not crippled and it has two toes in front and back on each foot.

Where should I get a budgie?
The best place to get a budgie is from a breeder. I got all of my birds from breeders and they are great. I would suggest getting a hand tamed budgie because they're easier to tame. If you get one from a pet store be sure its healthy. (see above.)

What kind of cage should I get?
There are lots of choices on cages. It doesn't really matter what kind of cage you get as long as its not too small. I like theTenwood brand best because its sturdy, easy to clean and looks nice. The only cage that is bad to get are wicker ones. Your budgie will chew it up and break the cage. Plus the wicker could be harmful to your bird. Look for cages with horazontal bars. They are better because you can hang the food dishes or toys on them.

Where should I put the cage?
Make sure you dont put the cage in a drafty place. You can tell if its drafty by holding a candle by the cage, if the flame flickers a lot its drafty. Dont put the cage in the kitchen because the smells, hot burners and other things are too dangerous. Dont put the oven on self clean because the smells been known to kill budgies.

What kind of food should I get?
Any kind of food is good except the kind in cans, you cant see the seed and it could be rotten. I get the kind with dried lettuce and carrots in it because its healthy.

Can budgies eat fruit too?
Yes budgies can eat fruit. They love almost any kind, just make sure you wash it before you give it to them. Cheerio loves grape stems hung in his cage. He eats the little bits of grapes still left on. Whatever you do NEVER FEED YOUR BUDGIE AVACODO! It will kill it. Dont feed it table scarps either, they could be fatal.

Regular Care Of A Budgie

What do I need to do daily?
Clean out the water dish and fill it with fresh water that's Not too cold. Blow or wipe the seed hulls off the food dish every day. Make sure to do this or your budgie could starve because it can't get to the seed.

What do I need to do weekly?
Cleanout the bottom of the cage, which is called the sand tray. Put a clean paper in after throwing the old one away, Newspaper works well.

What do I need to do monthly?
Clean the whole cage. You can do this outside or in the bathtub. Scrub the cage toys and perches and wipe out the inside (including the sand tray) of the cage. You may need to get your budgie a new perch if it chewed the old one up.

Can I give my budgie a bath?
Yes. Most budgies like baths after they get used to them. You can take your budgie in the shower with you. DO NOT take him in the bath. You may want to cover the mirror. Dont let the spray go directly on the bird. Just let it get misted. It's also helpful to get a clean spray bottle and, when its hot or warm outside, not cold, spray a mist above the budgies head and let it rain down on the bird. This helps its plumage be healthy and keeps it cool. Do not drench the bird, do just a few sprays and make sure the bottle is clean and dos'nt have any chimcals in or on it. You can buy a special bird bath at the pet store but I wouldnt reccomend it. Its just as easy to take it in the shower with you or spray it.

What if I go on vacation?
If you go on a trip or vacation then you need to find someone to came to your house every day or take your budgies to a friend. You need to make sure the person, such as your neighbor, is reliable and not scared of birds. Make sure the person will take your bird out at least once a day and make a list of the things they will need to do. Get all the supplies, such as the seed and cage cover etc. together and give then to the person along with the budgies.


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