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Budgie Talk


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My Budgies


This is a page about my three birds and some tricks to teach your feathered friends!


My birds

Sorry I dont have pictures of my budgie's yet because my Dad has the camera and he's out of the country so I cant get it. check back soon to see photos of my babies.
When I got him he was periwinkle blue, now he is changing to green. He has a yellow head and a dark blue tail.

Favorite words: Pretty bird and Cheerio

Favorite foods: millet and leftover grape stems.

Favorite things to do:
Land on peoples heads and squawk loudly. Do dances on top of his soon to be wife, Toodleoos, cage and sing to her. Talk and sing when I'm trying to sleep. He can kind of shake "claws" Try not to get put back in his cage by playing tag with me, his slave.

Sky blue with a white head and beautiful white and gray/blue wings. She has a white band around her middle.

Favorite words:
She cant talk yet because she's not quite tame but she sings with Cheerio a lot.

Favorite foods:
Millet and sometimes broccoli. She is sort of a picky eater.

Favorite things to do:
Watch her beloved, Cheerio, and sing to him. Chew on sticks. Get out of her cage and dive bomb me.

I just got a new bird!
AUDUE (pronounced a-dew)
He has a light yellow head, blue upper body and light yellow lower body. His tail is yellow. He is a young male.

Favorite Words:
He is'nt tame yet.

Favorite foods:
I don't know yet

Favorite things to do:
like I said before, I don't know yet.

In memory of Rainy
Rainbow cloud or Rainy for short was my first parakeet. He was named rainbow cloud because he had lots of colors on him, but mostly blue. He lived right by the kitchen so when we sat down to have a meal and we were talking he would babble right along with us. Thanks Rainy for helping me find out how much I love budgies.

The tricks

There are lots of tricks you can teach your budgie. They are pretty fast learners and very smart birds. It's not very hard to teach your bird tricks as long as you have patience and don't mind repeating things over again. Just remember some birds are slower learners than others so always give your bird a good chance and don't rush it.

I have taught Cheerio to talk. He says lots of things such as pretty bird, Cheerio,Bird beak, that's a good bird, and more. It's not very hard to teach your budgie to talk as long as you have patience and don't mind repeating words over and over. Go to a quiet room away from everyone (including other birds) and get your budgie on your hand. Choose a phrase/word to say such as your birds name and repeat this slowly and calmly to your bird. It will begin
to get curious after a few tries and may try to look in your mouth. Do this every day for a few weeks or even months and you will be rewarded with a squawking
talking budgie!

Teaching your bird to climb on command can be a little
harder. But your budgie can do it and will spend hours amusing itself. Climb up the ladder with your fingers while your birds watching and say climb while your doing this. Then put the budgie on the bottom of the ladder and say climb. If your bird starts climbing praise it and say climb while its doing this. You may have to gently nudge the bird to get it to climb. Do this every day for a few weeks or even months and you'll have a climbing budgie. Use the same method to teach it to swing or ring a bell on command.

This is a very useful trick which can be very helpful when you want to take your bird somewhere. Put your bird on a cleared flat space such as a desk top. Floors are not recommended as they could teach your bird to stay on the floor where it could be stepped on. Put your hand so it's barley touching the bird and say come. Your bird will probably not come so you'll have to put it on your finger while saying come. Keep doing this until your budgie comes on it's own, then work with your hand farther away. Soon you will be able to say come and your budgie will come no matter how far away your hand is.

Don't stop with these ideas. Get creative and think of new things to teach your budgie. You can also teach your bird to shake on command, play dead and fly on command. If you get any good ideas put them in the guest book and I may publish them here.
:o) !Have fun! :o)