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Budgie Talk
Budgie Tails (a budgie's diary)

This is a budgies's diary which I published with the bird's permission because I thought it was so cute. Happy reading!

January 1 2001
The name my new owner gave me is Pretty bird (at least that's what she calls me all the time) but my mom named me chirp. She said when I hatched the first thing I did was sing a little song. I'm not surprized because I love to sing, it sends a good, tickly feeling up and down my feathers. Maybe I should describe myself so you'll know a little bit more about me. I've got a yellow head, blue body with emerald green on it and a beautiful dark blue mask. I know I sound sort of pridefull but I can't help but admire my beautiful feathers. Well I've got to go sing my owner a good night song. bye!

January 3 2001
My owner can be very strange. When she comes home from the strange and mysterious place called school, she flops down on her bed and stares at a strange thing for a long time. It's a peice of paper with strange markings on it. Sometimes she sighs and says "Urrg! I don't like math."
If she dosn't like it why does she do it? It's all very perplexing. Maybe I'll figure it out later. Well time for my daily preening. So long!

March 3 2001
Sorry I havn't wrritten for such a long time but I have
been so buisy. I'm competing tommorow with my friend-- Oh my! I almost forgot to tell you about Cammie. She is a beautiful yellow budgie. I sing to her alot and we are best friends. My owner got her last month. I'm so exited, we are
competing in a ring- the- bell- the- loudest contest tommorrow. I have to practice. bye!!

April 1st, 2001
Cammie and I had a great April Fools. I played the funniest prank on her. I got some of my owners squishy stiff called skulpy clay, and made sure that was the color of seed. Then I made it into the shape of a bell and put real seed over it. I then told Cammie that our owner had brought us a treat. You should have seen her face when she bit into i! I started chirpping histarically, it was so funny, all the wile trying to shout April fools. It was halarious. I think some of my feathers burst off, I laughed so hard. We both spent the rest of the day chuckling over it.

April 15 2001
Wow! Today is easter. My owner says she is going on an easter egg hunt, (whatever that is) Cammie says she heard it is where people search for eggs that are filled with some kind of treat. I wonder why they don't use budgie's eggs? They use chicken eggs that are so big. I think budgie's eggs would be much cuter. Well I'd better go, Cammie wants to play chase the tail with me. Bye!!

You found a feather!

Hope you enjoyed it I'll add more later, so check back then!