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Budgie Talk


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Clipping Your Budgie's Wings

You may think it's cruel but think again.

Sometimes people like to clip their birds wings so the budgie can't escape or hurt itself. I let my budgies wings grow out, then clip them again. I've had several people ask me if clipping budgies wings is cruel. It's not. Imagine this, your mom tells you to clip your toenails. When you were young you used to not like it but now you know it's harmless. That's just the same with clipping budgies wings. All you have to do is know how to clip their wings the right way. It helps to get a towel if your bird bites. Gently catch the budgie and hold it so you can get at it's wings. Don't squeeze it too tight or you will hurt the bird. Then stretch out the wing so you can see all the feathers. Look at the diagram below. I got it from a site
called Budgie List.Please visit it sometime. Thanks SO much for letting me use this diagram. Remember, once you cut your budgie's wings they will grow back fast. So always
be cautious and don't leave the door open.

you found a feather!

diagram for clipping budgie's wings

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