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Budgie Care Sheet
Budgie Talk

This is a sheet you can print up when you go away. Be sure to give this to the care taker along with anything the budgie(s) will need. You can fill in the blanks by hand.

Please take good care of my budgie(s)_______________________________. Here is a list of what I need you to do.
Every day please:
give the budgie(s) fresh water, get the seed hulls off the top of the dish at least 2 times a day.
Every other day please:
clean the bottom of the cage. Throw the old paper or grit away and get a new one.
PLEASE HOLD the BUDGIE(S) at lease TWICE A DAY. They need to be held.
Special istructions/other:

Want to learn how to make your budgie(s) talk? Go the the my budgies/tricks page by clicking below.

My Budgies