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Budgie Talk


Budgie Talk

The place where budgies and their owners can come chirp together.
Do not look directly into the cuttness It
has been known to make people crave budgies if they do not have them. Be aware that this will most likely happen to you if you visit this site. Have fun reading about the cutest birds in the world. As my budgies would say,

Budgie Talk

I built this site in honor of ALL budgies
(not just my extra cute ones.)
Budgie quote of the month:
tweedlee heehee beak squawk!
This site is dedicated to my budgies Cheerio, Toodleoo, and Audue pronounced ah-dew If you are thinking of getting a budgie please visit my "care of a budgie" page. I don't claim to be an expert but I have read a lot of books. Hopefully it will answer any questions you may have. The "my budgies" page is about my three silly budgies. I hope the "How to tame a budgie" page is helpful. I've also added a "recipes" page with a recipe for budgie bread and another one for stew. I would like for you to leave any budgie recipes you know of in the guest book. The "other budgies sites" page has links to my favorite budgie sites. I hope this will become one of yours.

The "Budgie Tips and Ideas page" is where I'll post a new tip or craft idea about budgies every other week. I should warn you I can get very busy with school and so sometimes
they could be late. I've added lots of new features. One of the best is a contests page. Go ahead and enter, you could be the next winner! I would suggest you bookmark this site since I update it weekly and you won't want to miss a thing. I hope you enjoy the site. Go ahead and look around. I didn't mention all the pages above, so explore. Also, PLEASE sign my guest book, Before you leave.If you have any ideas for this site or problems with your budgies I will answer your questions, put them in the guest book. Check back later to see my answers. No foul language allowed. You can join any of the rings on the "web rings" page. The Budgie Fun ring is mine. Please join it. I hope this site will become one of your favorites. I had alot of fun making it.
Have fun pecking around,
Jasmine (budgie lover and creator of this site)


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